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Mike is a Stoke on Trent boy re-interpreting his hometowns pottery and mining industry that once thrived, to create functional/detachable garments that represent the workforce of the area. Entwined with a personal fascination for freestyle skiing and car modification the collection boasts strong oversized silhouettes, juxtaposed by hardware fastenings that can tighten and alter shape of garments depending on the task. Also emphasizing intricate and heavy potter/mining work-wear details slammed together with exaggerated car parts and heavy-duty sportswear fixtures.

The theme for the collection is an amalgamation of a destroyed industrial hometown and unity with gang culture, in a society that has lost all forms of the matter. More specifically the idea that a group of lads have formed together to create a new movement out of a heavily saturated and bland society. These boys link together on a number of key interests from modifying their cars, bmx/skate/ski culture and an instinctive need to stick together to survive. A DIY spirit that entwines them as not a gang but a unit.  We see customizable 3.d printed high tops as part of a collaboration with Quinner Baird. Re worked with ski boot fastenings and molded fabrics within the detachable body kit pieces. Also disrupted potteries inspired screen prints subtle placed over heavy functional fabrics such as Kevlar and re-enforced canvas which have been fused with graphic jacquards and heavy cotton twills to unbalance the fit and feel, yet allowing the garments to be functional for work or leisure. Complimented by a delicate grayscale of sweat shirting and clean herringbone jacquards to create the built up customizable outfits with undertones of contemporary street-wear.

Oversized hoodies and crew necks, with 90s inspired appliqué denim/canvas detailing, strapped together with heavy duty webbing and paired with matching joggers. High neck jacquard storm parkas, and flight jackets all featuring protective hoods to hide identity and create unity, combined with ski salopettes and work pants, are just the start of this collection.

Within this collection we see Mike collaborating with Liz Arber a textile designer, creating screen prints using crushed charcoal mixed in with dye pigment. A mix of hand painted and heavily graphic abstract forms combined to create a monochrome textured fabric. Along side a subtle herringbone brickwork jacquard inspired from the 90s and the industrial hometown in which he grew up.


Special Thanks ;

Magnum Boots HQ - Footwear Sponsor
Anything Technical - Ski Equipment U.K - Ski boot buckle Sponsor
Liz Arber - Jacqaurd Development
Vanners Mill - Jacquard Production
Quinner Baird - 3.D Print collaboration

00/01 Look 1 SOT Hood - SOT Joggers

00/01 Look 1 SOT Hood - SOT Joggers